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The Lift Kit

Adding a lift, lower, or leveling kit to your vehicle adds style, optimizes performance, and enhances off-road driving. When considering a kit, talk to one of our professionals for assistance in choosing the type and style best for your vehicle.

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits improve your vehicle's look as well as provide a little ground clearance. From the showroom floor, your truck, suv or Jeep will sit with the front end lower than the rear. This is done so that you can load up
the vehicle.

Lowering Kits

Create street appeal and enhance vehicle performance by adding a lowering kit. We carry lowering kits that are sure to fit your needs. Our technicians will complete your lowering kit job properly. When you choose to install a lowering kit...

Custom Design

From your hand drawing to me and a computer generated design and then construction. Customized Lighting: See greater distances with high intensity lights or add some color to your cabin interior with LED lights, making your...


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