The Lift Kit


If installed improperly or carelessly, the likelihood of an accident or breakdown increases. Please contact us with any questions or make an appointment to have your ride examined.

Common types of lift kits:

Coil Spring Suspension Lift:

As the most common type of lift, whether for your Jeep, SUV and trucks, is one of the best options for sustaining ride comfort and drivability on road and off road. While improving your experience off road for those “small” bumps on the trail to being to drive back home comfortably.

Coil Over Suspension Lift:

Depending on Vehicle, aftermarket coil overs can either replace the OEM front assembly or be added in place of the spring and shock setup that you find on most Jeeps. This system greatly improve suspension performance and “flex” as well as keeping shock damaging heat lower because of the larger capacity for oil. Most systems can be fully rebuilt after worn, leaking, or broken.

Suspesnion “Drop” Lift Kit:

More common style amongst SUVs and trucks. The suspension drop retains most factory control arms and struts but physically moves all the components lower. By doing this, the system provides a large amount of lift with similar to factory ride quality, but being able to install larger tires and possible wheels depending on your goals.

Long Travel Suspension:

Mostly the option of the “go fast” desert people. Long travel is replacement of the majority of the front suspension with upgraded and stronger parts while still retaining factory steering and alignment geometry. It does what its name states, add more vertical wheel movement or “travel” to keep your wheels on the ground more when driving fast on a rough trail or in the dunes.

Spring “Over” and Spring “Under” Suspension:

Spring over conversions most commonly done to the rear leaf springs on Jeeps, add a large amount of lift without a need for an add-a-leaf or new spring pack. Although the new ride height may make the ride more comfortable and able to flex more, you may encounter more axle wrap and wheel hop.

Spring under conversions most commonly done to rear of desert trucks, adds a new leaf spring pack with shackles and moves the springs underneath the axle tube. The new spring and shackle adds wheel travel and the spring under adds stability while reducing axle wrap keeping you your wheels on the ground and at speed.

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