About Us


A word from Sam Emerson

I have made the rounds and shop after shop the costs were high, scheduling commitments were not kept. I have managed these shops and worked in these shops and finally decided that you need to be an off roader to get this right you have to know what your vehicle needs to feel like along with that look that let's the world know that you can take on anything that planet earth throws your way. I started my company with the intent to serve the off roading community, to get it right, keep it safe and "sign my name" to every job. It takes the  best in parts, service, and prices to meet the needs of the average Jeep, truck, FJ SUV, and off road Owner. Customer service is my primary goal, and I want to make sure everyone that pays me that hard earned dollar of theirs that I am working to earn their trust.


I offer the greatest depth in knowledge and technical talent available in the industry. “If I don’t do it right, I’ll make it right", is more than just a motto for me, it’s how I operate every day.

Give me a call or send me an email and let's talk about what you want for your 4 X 4 and we can work together to get you what you need.



Phone: 510.909.0261
Email: info@semotors.com
Running Springs, CA